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"Crystal Clear" Digital Display Products

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UniStructures has created a complete family of "Crystal Clear" digital display products for an array of applications. We offer "Interior" displays in 7" tabletop sizes, 24" fountain mounted displays, and 32" to 55" portrait or landscape menu and informational displays with and without sound. These displays are industrial LCD units modified for client specific applications. UniStructures also custom designs and fabricates the interior enclosure to client specifications using brand specific colors and logo designs.

Our sunlight readable "Exterior" digital products are currently available in 32" and 46" diagonal models for portrait or landscape mode presentation. These displays are unique, custom built from the ground up, using hi-brite LCD screens that are backlit with HCFL lamps for a brightness level of 2800 NITS that is unequalled in the market. Utilizing tempered glass with both infrared and anti-glare coatings, we bond it to the LCD to protect it from vandalism and enhance the picture quality.

These displays are designed to operate in extreme temperatures, "defying the sun and defeating the elements", in temperature ranges of -30 to +130 degrees Fahrenheit without the addition of heaters or air conditioners. Electrical components are conformally coated to ensure longer life and broader temperature range tolerance, something never found in the televisions used by our competitors. The UniStructures' design uses a proprietary air flow system to cool the entire display, not just the front screen. Our design simply eliminates the necessity to add heaters or install air conditioners, which are additional early points of failure and unnecessary appliances that drive significant additional power consumption running virtually nonstop trying to heat or cool the device.

The UniStructures display is also completely field serviceable down to the component level. For example, if lamps do fail, they can be replaced in minutes in the UniStructures display. In competitive TVs, the entire display has to be replaced if a lamp goes out or loses brightness. Since these interior TVs were never designed to be used outdoors competing with the suns' brightness, it is anticipated the lamps in competitive units will diminish in brightness as much as 50% in the first 12 months, reducing the TVs brightness from its original 1500 NITS to 750-800 NITS which is barely functional in an exterior environment.

To protect the UniStructures display, we have developed proprietary extrusions and enclosure designs that are NEMA 4 rated, thus guaranteed to protect the display against even the most extreme environments. These enclosures are strategically designed so the "face" of the enclosure can be adapted to any brand or logo requirements to help with branding at the franchise level.

UniStructures transferred this design technology to our static menu board designs allowing us to create a "hybrid" static menu board that can be modified to replicate existing brand menu boards and also be field converted to "digital" when the timing is appropriate for the individual franchisee. This provides both a technology growth path and protects the initial capital investment made in the static menu boards. This transformation can be accomplished in less than an hour, on-site in the field location, without ripping or removing the existing static menu board!

We developed leasing packages to make these solutions affordable to franchisees and use our own employees and vehicles to transport and install these displays whenever possible to maintain quality control.

We welcome you to visit our showroom to roll a unit outside to see this remarkable device yourself.


  • 2800 NITS brightness
  • Totally field serviceable
  • Bonded tempered glass with A/G and I/R
  • -30 to +130 F temperature tolerance
  • No separate heat or a/c required
  • Field convertible from static to digital
  • NEMA 4 enclosure


  • Almost twice as bright as other LCDs
  • Easy to maintain and service on site
  • Vandal and storm resistant
  • Operational in every geography
  • Less power, cost and points of failure
  • Protects initial static capital investment
  • Protected against the elements

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