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Hybrid Menu Boards

UniStructures is the only vendor currently building "hybrid" static menu boards to provide the customer a growth and technology path that protects his initial capital investment. Our hybrid menu boards are designed to be field upgraded from T8 to T5 and LED light banks as cost and technology allow or even from static to digital displays.

Our static menu boards can be converted to digital without "rip and tear" to remove the original static board. Instead our component parts for day-parting and lighting are designed to be removable so a full digital display can be installed. Side wings and toppers can still be used with their existing lighting and day-parting components even after the main section is converted to digital to offer the maximum flexibility to the customer.


  • Convertible from static to digital
  • Free-standing or canopy mount
  • Proprietary translite hold down system
  • Custom adjustable "h-bar" grid system
  • Field removable / upgradeable lamp bank
  • Adaptable for side wings and / or toppers
  • All aluminum extrusion construction
  • Powder coated with 15 year warranty
  • Complete stock of repair / replacement parts


  • Field convertible to digital to protect initial capital investment
  • Makes day-parting and menus changes fast and easy
  • Accepts multiple / changing translite sizes
  • Lamp bank can be changed from T8 to T5 to LED as technology progresses
  • Extrusion strength allows toppers and wings to be added and day-parted
  • Aluminum extrusion reduces weight, transportation and installation costs
  • Powder coating lasts longer and is more durable than paint
  • Virtually all parts are field replaceable in case of damage or vandalism

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