Tips from our Experts: Drive Thru Menu Boards

Your menu board is an essential tool to drive sales and ensure customer satisfaction in the drive-thru. When considering what drive-thru menu board will be most effective for your restaurant, it is important to take into consideration the physical space available for your drive-thru lane(s).

Dina Veenhuis, Uni-Structures New Business Development Account Manager, suggests a wall-mounted menu board unit or an integrated order point canopy for those with limited space to work with.

Our experts also strongly suggest that no more than three menu board panels be featured in the drive-thru. Additional menu board panels can make it extremely difficult for the customers to see all the information from their vehicles.


Digital vs Static Menu Boards

When making the decision between digital and static menu boards there are a few factors to consider. While digital menu boards can be a great advertising and upselling tool for restaurants, they require more power to operate and come with higher upfront costs.

Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Rachel Armstrong, recommends that if you do decide to go with digital menu boards choose a quality monitor brand and product warranty. Our team offers Samsung monitors to our customers as they are the best performance for outdoor commercial digital signage.



Menu Board Content

When designing your menu board, our team suggests making the content as easy to read as possible. It is best to keep descriptions concise and use large easy-to-read fonts.

New Business Account Manager, Dina Veenhuis, suggests brands limit the number of menu items presented in order to reduce the amount of time a customer spends considering what to order. Increasing the overall speed of service.

Including pictures of food and beverage items can help operators push their more profitable items or limited-time offers.


Customer Focus

Every innovation and integration in your drive-thru should prioritize the customer experience. After all, the reason your restaurant is in business is because of your customers.

Modern customers desire more from their drive-thru experience than convenience. Meeting customer demands means your drive-thru should provide:

  • Exceptional accessibility
  • Sufficient product variety
  • Excellent food quality
  • Maximum efficiency

With quality drive-thru elements like digital menu boards, you can cultivate a satisfying customer experience and ensure your restaurants can provide incredible products and top-tier service.


  • Drive Thru Menu Boards provide convenience to customers who are in a hurry and don't have the time or inclination to go inside the restaurant. They allow customers to order and pay for their meals without leaving the comfort of their cars.
  • All the tips are very useful. When it comes to drive-thru menu boards, there are specific considerations to ensure efficiency, clarity, and an overall positive customer experience. Thanks for this valuable information.

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