The Presell Menu Board

Presell menu board static outdoor

The presell menu board is the first message your customers will see upon entering your drive-thru. This is an extremely valuable and influential sales tool for QSR operators and is, unfortunately, frequently overlooked.

As the name implies, the presell menu board is the first advertising message your customers will see upon entering the drive-thru. This product has the power to affect the customer’s entire drive-thru experience before they even reach the main menu board. When utilized to its full potential, this powerful advertising tool has the power to draw customers’ attention toward profitable menu options, limited-time offers, and other special products. Ultimately your investment in a presell menu board will boost your bottom line.

Another great advantage of adding a presell board is that they can reduce wait time by helping customers make quicker decisions. Helping the indecisive buyer make a purchasing decision before even making it to the main menu board will have a positive impact on throughput and increase customer satisfaction.

Tips for Drive Thru Presell Board Success

Consistent Content – Always be proactive when it comes to updating your content. The content you display should be high quality, eye-catching, and relevant to your customers. Seeing the same content displayed for months will cause your presell boards to lose their initial impact.

Another great tip is to align your content to seasonal changes or weather patterns. For example, displaying a warm steaming cup of peppermint mocha coffee on a cold December morning.

Make sure all of your content is easy to read. Bright clear images and easily readable fonts will help customers make decisions faster.

Location of the Presell Board – Operators should position their signage in a way that allows customers plenty of time to view your content prior to ordering. Your presell board should be visible at least three car lengths from the main menu board.

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  • The presell menu board plays a crucial role in engaging customers before they approach the ordering point. It grabs their attention, piques their interest, and entices them to explore the offerings. Engaging visuals, mouthwatering descriptions, and appealing images can stimulate customer appetites and create a desire to try specific items.
  • Presell menu boards are effective tools for upselling. By strategically placing high-margin or promotional items, the board can influence customers to consider additional menu options or upgrades.

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