Building Elements


Enhance your building’s curb appeal with our line of attractive awnings. We design and fabricate all of our awnings at our facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. We offer a wide range of styles, colors, and more to fit your needs, taste, and budget. Our patented Component Awnings can be installed easily and shipped economically. Since they are built as a component system, damaged pieces can be replaced, or entire sections can be removed and stored to avoid damage from tornadoes or hurricanes.
Features Benefits
Brand specific custom design Showcases and promotes brand image
Patented component fabrication Reduces cost and manufacturing time
Scalable installation process Lower cost of installation
Easily crated and shipped Lower transportation costs
Removable for severe weather
Protects your investment
Available in fabric or metal designs Customizable for your brand


We pride ourselves on the development of custom aluminum extrusions. This enables us to create unique, one-piece modular components for our building canopies. Our design incorporates a built-in drainage system to prevent runoff. In addition, they are designed to withstand snow and wind loads in virtually any climate. They are designed for single doors and windows or for an entire building front. They are functional and provide an opportunity to enhance your brand.
Features Benefits
Custom design fit to your brand Promotes brand image
One-piece or modular option Built to suit your building design
Built-in drainage Provides solution to runoff
Withstand snow loads and 140 mph winds Long-lasting durability
Powder coat finish 
Available in array of colors and finishes