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Broken Drive Thru Menu Board

Tips to Avoid Drive-Thru Disaster

Imagine you are pulling up to grab a quick bite to eat at a local drive-thru restaurant. Upon entering the drive-thru lane, you see 5 or 6 cars ahead of you. The frustration already begins to set in. As you wait, you squint to see the menu board up ahead. You wish there was a […]
Presell menu board static outdoor

The Presell Menu Board

The presell menu board is the first message your customers will see upon entering your drive-thru. This is an extremely valuable and influential sales tool for QSR operators and is, unfortunately, frequently overlooked. As the name implies, the presell menu board is the first advertising message your customers will see upon entering the drive-thru. This […]

Tips from our Experts: Drive Thru Menu Boards

Your menu board is an essential tool to drive sales and ensure customer satisfaction in the drive-thru. When considering what drive-thru menu board will be most effective for your restaurant, it is important to take into consideration the physical space available for your drive-thru lane(s). Dina Veenhuis, Uni-Structures New Business Development Account Manager, suggests a […]