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Uni-Structures is a family of hardworking and talented individuals – from brand consulting to final installation. Our combined experience and efforts has propelled Uni-Structures to be the industry leader in creating the drive-thru experience and so much more.

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The Kennesaw Team


The USI Story: "The Drive-Thru Specialists"

Founded in 1995

Uni-Structures, Inc. was established in Kennesaw, GA by Michael Barnes. Over the last 30 years, our mission to provide the QSR industry with innovative, best-in-class components and image solutions has not
wavered. All of our drive-thru components are designed to be easily 
convertible, functional and easy to use and service.

The USI Timeline

USI Patents

Digital display mounting and lift bracket
A digital display mounting and lift bracket can be employed to mount a display device to a wall or other surface or within an enclosure. The bracket can be configured to pivot between an open and a closed position. When the bracket is in the open position, a display device will be lifted upwardly thereby facilitating access to the rear surface of the display device. The bracket can then be returned to the closed position in which the display device will be properly oriented for use.
Filed: July 19, 2016
Mobile wireless order point and pick-up station
An apparatus can be employed as a mobile wireless order point and pick-up station. The apparatus can be configured to house a display device and to allow the display device to be used in many different locations for the purpose of receiving and/or picking up orders. To facilitate its mobility, the apparatus can include an integrated pallet jack and be configured with wireless communication capabilities and a portable power source. The apparatus may also include a retractable awning which can serve to provide shading to the display device to facilitate its use and to reduce heating when the apparatus is used in an outdoor environment.
Filed: July 6, 2016
Display enclosure with passive cooling system
A display enclosure can include a passive cooling system that includes an exhaust channel and a number of fans. The configuration of the exhaust channel can cause airflow to ingress through one side of the display enclosure, circulate through the display enclosure, and then egress through the same side. The exhaust channel can be positioned around the outer edges of the display enclosure to form an insulative barrier to external heat (e.g., sunlight) while at the same time removing heat generated internally.
 Filed: May 18, 2015
Manual switch system for outputting multimedia content to a digital sign
The present invention extends to a manual switch system for selecting multimedia content from one or various source inputs to be provided to a digital display. The manual switch system of the present invention provides a compact, convenient, and simple to use solution for updating a digital display in many environments. In a particular example, the manual switch can be used within a fast food restaurant to quickly and easily update the menu such as when the restaurant switches from serving breakfast to lunch or dinner.
Filed: August 8, 2012
Combination awning bracket and light support system
Components for constructing and installing an awning and light support system to provide sun and weather protection to a window or door of a structure are disclosed. Included are a pair of uniquely-constructed bracket members having an L-shaped configuration used to removably secure horizontally-disposed supports and awning spars to provide a frame to support the awning material or skin. Also disclosed is an awning support structure comprising a support channel that extends along the top of an awning and supports a corresponding member attached to an awning frame. In some instances, the awning may be further supported by awning projection props secured between the awning frame and the building at a lower portion of the awning.
Filed: November 30, 2007
Canopy assembly pivotable by over-height vehicle
A canopy assembly for use at fast food restaurants or the like and beneath which vehicles normally drive. An over-height impact bar is carried by a frame of the canopy assembly and when struck, first energizes an alarm and then travels over a first lost motion distance enabling a driver to react to the alarm and stop the vehicle before it strikes the canopy. Should the driver not stop, the impact bar travels a second lost motion distance to cause a latch to be unlatched and permit the assembly to be swung by the oncoming vehicle clear of its path of movement.
Filed: August 10, 1993