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Order Point Canopies

Integrated Order Point Menu Board

Our Integrated Order Point Canopy is designed and built for the restaurant operator with limited drive-thru space. This "All-In-One" design incorporates a canopy with a menu board and communications system. The canopy shields drive-thru customers from inclement weather including rain and snow and also blocks excessive sunlight in summer making digital or static menu boards easier to read.

Order Point Canopy Tops

Pivoting Canopy

All of our pivoting canopies utilize our self-returning design to protect your drive-thru window and the canopy itself from damage by over-height vehicles. Our design allows the canopy to pivot out of the way when hit by a vehicle and return to its original position and continue its protection. 
Features Benefits
Brand specific color, styles and architectural elements Showcases and promotes brand image
Self-returning Protects investment
Protects from inclement weather Shelters customer
Powder coat finish Vibrant and long lasting
Can incorporate menu/ OCU / speaker system
Compact and cost effective
Available in fabric/ flat aluminum panel/ standing seam aluminum panel Increased business and profits
Available with arched, flat, slanted, pointed, and swoosh top or can be custom designed needs Provides a variety of options