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Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life since 1995.

At Uni-Structures, we develop products and solutions that enhance the drive-thru experience in new and innovative ways.  All of our products are designed and fabricated in our 85,000 sq. ft. onsite manufacturing facility located in Kennesaw, GA.

Our products are designed to enhance your operations. We offer many custom drive-thru solutions including outdoor menu boards, order point canopies, presell boards, clearance bars, building canopies, and more!

From research and development to the final installation, our talented employees are constantly collaborating to provide you with top-quality products in the QSR Industry.

Our Products

Renderings of one panel, two panel and three panel digital menu boards with white background
Menu Boards
Digital | Promo | Printed
All in One Digital Order point canopy menu board in a drive thru lane
Order Point Canopies
Integrated | Stand Alone
Red building canopy above drive thru window
Building Elements
Awnings | Building Canopies
How can we help you?
We staff and train our specialists to install, service and maintain your specific drive-thru elements. Our 85,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is based out of Kennesaw, GA.

We have two staging facilities in Reading, PA and Tyler, TX that help expedite shipment and delivery of your product.
We then integrated other drive-thru components into the order point canopy. 
To save you money.
The integration of multiple drive-thru components into ONE SINGLE UNIT, sparked the idea to name the company "Uni-Structures".
We were manufacturing drive-thru menus before the desktop computer was invented.
We built and fielded the first drive-thru digital menu in the country.
We didn't invent the drive-thru, but we did invent the drive-thru order point canopy.
Because we were the first to recognize that 50% of your revenue was lost during inclement weather and we wanted to help you reclaim that revenue.
We invented and hold the patent on a components building awning system.
To provide you with the consistency and quality you deserve while substantially reducing shipping costs.

Customer Experience

Our products are designed to give your drive-thru customers the best and most seamless experience.
See our products in action.

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