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About us

We have been blessed with the gift of innovation which has enabled us to launch new product lines; the vision to see where the opportunity will lead; and the initiative, creativity, and passion to take us there. From a humble beginning in 1995, we have grown and evolved into a recognized leader in providing drive-thru solutions and architectural branding elements. As a result, we have earned a reputation in the industry as the "Drive-Thru Specialists".
At Uni-Structures you will find dedicated, loyal, hardworking professionals, true craftsmen applying unparalleled knowledge, experience, and skill in ways that few companies can even imagine.

Our Mission

Provide innovative drive-thru and image solutions comprised of the highest quality manufactured products in the industry.

Our Services

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Warranty
How can we help you?
We staff and train our specialists to install, service and maintain your specific drive-thru elements. Our 85,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is based out of Kennesaw, GA. Our three staging facilities in Phoenix, AZ, South Windsor, CT and Tyler, TX help expedite shipment / delivery of product.
We then integrated other drive-thru components into the order point canopy. 
To save you money.
The integration of multiple drive-thru components into ONE SINGLE UNIT, sparked the idea to name the company "Uni-Structures".
We were manufacturing drive-thru menus before the desktop computer was invented.
We built and fielded the first drive-thru digital menu in the country.
We didn't invent the drive-thru, but we did invent the drive-thru order point canopy.
Because we were the first to recognize that 50% of your revenue was lost during inclement weather and we wanted to help you reclaim that revenue.
We invented and hold the patent on a components building awning system.
To provide you with the consistency and quality you deserve while substantially reducing shipping costs.

Our Products

Drive Through Roof
Drive-Thru Solutions
Canopies/Clearance Bars
Window canopy
Building Elements
Awnings / Canopies / Covers
Exterior Menu Board
Exterior Menu Board
LED Illuminated/ Digital Offerings
Uni-Structures Chick-fil-a Order Point Canopy
Integrated Solutions
Static Board / Digital Board
Promo Board
32” Promo-Board/ Order Confirmation Unit
Static / Digital Offerings
bracket system
Modular, Interior-Digital Bracket System
Illuminated LED/Digital



Customer Experience

Our products are designed to give your drive-thru customers the best and most seamless experience.
See our products in action.

Our Numbers

Drive-Thru Order Point
Canopies in use
Seconds is the average time to get through a drive-thru on average
Billion burgers consumed by Americans annually
QSR sales via the drive-thru window