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Drive-Thru Products

Uni-Structures manufactures, delivers, and installs top quality products that complete your drive-thru environment. Combining our innovation and more than 30 years of experience,
Uni-Structures has gained industry reputation as the “The Drive-Thru Specialists”.


For many, the drive-thru is the only face of the business they’ll see. This gives importance to the customer’s ordering experience. The products we designed are innovative, customizable, and guaranteed to perform.

Menu Boards 

Illuminated LED Menu Boards

Uni-Structures unique design makes changing an insert quick and easy. Our menu boards are waterproof and available with dayparting. These boards are the ultimate cost effective solution to your menu needs.
Features Benefits
Free-standing, wall or canopy mount Adapts to available space / cost saving
Proprietary translite hold down system Makes dayparting and menu changes fast and easy
Custom adjustable "h-bar" grid system Accepts multiple translite sizes
Available with side wings and toppers Customize for your brand
All aluminum extrusion construction
Reduces weight, transportation and installation costs
Painted or powder coat finish Vibrant and long lasting
Weather-proof custom made extrusions Long-lasting durability

Digital Menu Boards

Uni-Structures knows you value flexibility, which is why our line of Digital Menu Boards allow your business to adapt on the fly. We offer a complete family of digital products providing a proven solution for sunlight readable LCD screens, up to two times brighter than most of our competitors. Our digital units shine bright even in direct sunlight. To suit your needs, we offer a personalized one on one experience with a specialized consultant to help identify your specific goals.
Why not choose one of our more popular combinations -- our eye catching digital promo board combined with our dynamic printed menu board for a perfect complementary pairing?
Features Benefits
Digital sunlight readable LCD screens Easy to read
Up to 5000 NIT brightness Up to 2x brighter than most our competitors
-30 to +130 F temperature tolerance Engineered for use in extreme environmental conditions
Content management and design Gives an array of options to create, edit, and manage
POS capability
Ability to track customer data
Free-standing or attached to our pivoting canopy Adapts to available space / cost saving
Painted or powder coat finish Vibrant and long lasting
Integrated Order Point Menu Board

Order Point Canopy

Pivoting Canopy

All of our pivoting canopies utilize our patented self-returning design to protect your drive-thru window and the canopy itself from damage by over height vehicles. Our patented gravity fed design allows the canopy to pivot out of the way when hit by a vehicle and return to its original position and continue its protection. The order point canopy protects your customers from inclement weather, and provides a further opportunity to communicate your brands’ image. 
Features Benefits
Brand specific color, styles and architectural elements Showcases and promotes brand image
Self-returning Protects investment
Protects from inclement weather Shelters customer
Painted or powder coat finish Vibrant and long lasting
Can incorporate menu/ OCU / speaker system
Compact and cost effective
Available in fabric/ flat aluminum panel/ standing seam aluminum panel Increased business and profits
Available with arched, flat, slanted, pointed, and swoosh top or can be custom designed needs Provides a variety of options

Clearance Bars

Clearance Bars

These unique products utilize the Uni-Structures' self-returning technology to prevent oversize vehicles from entering or becoming trapped in the drive-thru by pivoting when hit. The pivoting action reduces the potential damage to the vehicle and to the clearance bar itself. Using our gravity fed design, the canopy will automatically return to its original position and continue its protection.

Headache bars / Banger bars
Features Benefits
Brand specific custom design Promotes brand image
Self-returning Protects investment
Protects other drive-thru elements Eliminates damage to building and drive-thru
Prevents oversize vehicles from entering drive-thru Reminds customers of height limitations
Powder coat finish
Protective and long lasting

Promo/Presale Board

Control your busy drive-thru line by incorporating a digital or LED illuminated presale board, or keep customers informed on your latest promotions with one of our various promo boards. Our digital displays operate in virtually all weather conditions with a temperature range of -30°to 130° and are bright enough to be perfectly visible under the sun. The design stands up to the elements so well that there’s no need for heaters or air conditioning, ensuring your customers can confirm their order and the line keeps moving. 

Speaker Pedestal

Communication is vital to the customer drive-thru experience which makes the speaker pedestal an integral part of the drive-thru system. Uni-Structures has refined the technology to be durable enough for all elements as well as being clear and audible for customers.

Directional Signage

An often overlooked aspect of the drive-thru experience, Uni-Structures’ Directional Signage is the perfect supplement to your business, providing a clear path while reinforcing your brand. Our designs are tailor made to your specifications and are durable to withstand the elements.

Building Elements

Patented Awnings

Our patented Component Awnings are unique because they can be installed easily and shipped economically. Since they are built as a component system, damaged pieces can be replaced, or entire sections can be removed and stored to avoid damage from tornadoes or hurricanes.
Features Benefits
Brand specific custom design Showcases and promotes brand image
Patented component fabrication Reduces cost and manufacturing time
Scalable installation process Lower cost of installation
Easily crated and shipped Lower transportation costs
Removable for severe weather
Protects your investment
Available in fabric or metal designs Customizable for your brand


We pride ourselves on the development of custom aluminum extrusions. This enables us to create unique, one-piece and modular components for our building canopies. Our design incorporate a built-in drainage system to prevent runoff. In addition, they are designed to withstand snow and wind loads in virtually any climate. They are designed for single doors and windows or for an entire building front. They are functional and provide an opportunity to enhance your brand.
Features Benefits
Custom design for you brand Promotes brand image
One-piece or modular option Built to suit your building design
Built-in drainage Provides solution to runoff
Withstand snow loads and 140 mph winds Long-lasting durability
Painted or powder coat finish 
Available in array of colors and finishes


Uni-Structures views the specifications and requirements from every customer as unique. Our objective is to understand your challenges, work with your designers to create the best solution for you and provide the highest levels of flexibility and value possible.

Menu Boards

Illuminated LED Menu Boards

Uni-Structures is at the forefront of menu design, and our LED Menu Boards provide the cutting edge of technology as well as the flexibility your restaurant needs daily. Because of our control of the total process from manufacturing to installation, we can provide repairs of specific components of the system, saving you time and money.
Features Benefits
Free-standing or wall mount; portrait or landscape Adapts to available space / cost saving
Proprietary translite hold down system Makes dayparting and menus changes fast and easy
Custom adjustable "h-bar" grid system Accepts multiple translite sizes
Painted or powder coat finish Customize for your brand

Digital Menu Boards

Digital is an important part of a customer’s ordering experience. It allows a customer to move through the ordering process quickly and efficiently thus increasing the restaurants profitability. The ability to daypart increases the available amount of menu board space. It’s a breeze to update the menu prices, content, LTOs, and seasonal items locally and remotely across various organizational levels.
Features Benefits
Media changes with remote access availability Quick last minute changes
Reliable, top of the line media players Built in failover mode
Marketing and branding customization Local messages/ advertisement
Virtual menu updates Save the cost of updating and printing inserts
Effective menu board layout Drives sales with speed and efficiency of ordering
State of the art digital displays Easy to read and engaging